IR CONSULT - IPO & Investor Relations

IR CONSULT - IPO & Investor Relations

IR CONSULT is a leading Specialist for fundamental Investor & Creditor Relations as well as IPO and Capital Market Advisory in Europe

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IR CONSULT is a certified management consulting company for questions concerning the international capital markets. Our principal themes are all activities concerning equity, investor & creditor relations and IPO advisory, based on our very fundamental consultancy approach.

IR CONSULT has been successfully active in the capital markets since 1994. Our experiences are based on more than 20 IPOs and over 50 long-running investor relations and capital markets projects - including corporate bonds as well as some successful M&A mandates.

It is an out proved advantage to generate a quick and long-lasting success due to the implementation of an active and fundamentally based investor relations - either ahead of an IPO or with our on-going IR activities. Our broad experiences and our excellent references clearly underline this.

We invite you to infom about IR CONSULT either with our Flyer or with these websites and to find out how we can help you individually.

Please contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss your plans, ideas or even problems. Here are our contact details: Tel: +49 - 06002 - 92042 or

Thank you for your interest in IR CONSULT.

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